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Favorite artists on DA? 

No deviants said Feature time everybody!
No deviants said Who are some artists/writers/taxidermists/clothing designers/photographers/etc... who need some love?
No deviants said You may even submit some of your own work if you feel underappreciated ^_^
No deviants said Quite honestly, I want this to be an opportunity to share great art.
No deviants said And so in about a week, I'll then write a journal featuring my TOP faves from anyone on DA! ^_^
No deviants said Feature as many works as you want to share from as many artists you want to be checked out
No deviants said Go! (and remember, have fun!)
No deviants said (when I post my journal featuring my favorites of all time, I'll also feature my favorites from your suggested artists and their works!)


IzzyMarrie's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
(I'm just a tad bit eccentric XD)

(eheh... nom?)

I'm mainly here to fave great artworks of my favorite fandoms and other things of interest and comment and give support to the many wonderful artists that can be found here on DA. If you'd like to chat, send me a note. I'm hardly one to consider 'unfriendly' unless you're ignorant of the concept of tact and common decency when such behavior should be displayed.


A little about myself: Let's see, I do write poetry at times, and I've written a few short stories and drabbles (nothing too serious, but stuff I write when I'm inspired). Haven't posted anything of that nature here as of yet, however, I have one poem that I posted in my gallery dedicated to the CanonXOC pairing ZetsuXRui that I'm quite proud of, plus, I am working on a serious multi-fanfic and a few crack oneshots (for the luz)


I have a little half sister named April and a younger brother named Cody who are my loves of my world for being the best siblings ever~ I call my bro CoCo (to piss him off XD), and sometimes Demon Weed, and my sis T-Rex because of her obsession with dinosaurs (plus, she can growl a deep guttural growl and when she does that with a paper towel role, 'tis epic! And she's only 6!) I like to call my mom Eeyore (because of her sulking and almost constant pessimism).


I'm also an atheist and I consider your arguments on religion invalid. We all have our own opinions, and we're all entitled to them (but that doesn't mean I want you to try to 'convert' me, nor do I care for constant mentionings of 'christ' or what-not). Also, I stay away from the drama llama ('tis a 'freakin annoying beast...)


My bestfriend/slash boyfriend Dickie!~ XD (real name Dan :heart: aka: TheWritersRevenge)
I love to garden (I'm just starting out) and I have an unhealthy love of carnivorous plants. And I love animals more than people most times, too. Only problem is, some animals and their personalities just end up pissing me off. Especially non-fixed female or male dogs who try to get a little too ...*coughs* erhm... romantic? gross.... At least when I'm amongst nature, I can be at peace. And even when it's plant mating season and pollen is released, I know when it rapes my nostrils and makes me sneeze, it's nothing personal. Also, I aspire to one day own a traditional styled Japanese styled home with a ton of hidden rooms and passages (and a random piranha tank to top it off XD).

Sarcasm is my most proficient language, and my OTP's are MyselfXThin Mints, MyselfXTeryaki (with pretty much anything), MyselfXChocolate (white, milk, dark, fudge, I don't discriminate!), MyselfXSUGAR!!~, MyselfXPyscho Fictional Manga Characters, MyselfXCrack PAIRINGS~ :heart: (although, I have many loves since I'm such a freakin' polygamous trolololol XDDD). Although.. understand this: I'm NOT your whore, and HANDS OFF THE MERCHANDISE -or you shall be d*k slapped XD


I love to climb trees and play pranks on others and my taste in music varies from style to style greatly from Deathrock to the Carmelladansen (speedy cake remix) to Traditional Japanese music to bands like Specrum X and Spectra Paris (lol, my tastes in music are so random). I hate rap, and yet I am addicted to Eddie Rath's Naruto songs (have practically all of them). I am known to like to mess with guys who are interested by scaring them off by threatening to show them my p*nis XD (don't piss me off or you'll be d*ck slapped! BOO YA!). Am I guy or a girl? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW! BWAHAHA!

What you MAY call me (and what you CANNOT):

Call me 'Dictonary' (just.. shorten it to 'Dick' if you are feeling suicidal). But, I'm mostly knows as 'The Major' (short for 'Major B*tch). Some call me Izzy, which is alright as well. ..Call me 'Neko-can' and you will regret it....

-innermind theatre: I thought you hated the drama llama?~ You hyprocrit.. :icontrollfaceplz:
Me: STFU!! :icondothisthingplz: NO ONE ASKED YOU! ..and I do... but I can and WILL through a massive tantrum from time to time....- ^^;


My biggest obsession right now is Homestuck, but other than that I'm a fan of the manga Naruto, although I was a huge fan of Inu Yasha when I was younger (mainly Sesshomaru), and watched a little Yu Yu Hakusho, Wolf's Rain and Blood+ around the time I watched Inu Yasha. My FAVORITE anime right now is Elfen Lied, and I plan to read the manga now that I've watched the anime. I also loved Death Note (however, I remember little about the series since it has been so long. Definitely need to re-watch lol). My favorite Homestuck characters are Gamzee, Tavros, and Karkat (and many, many more). My favorite Naruto characters are Madara, Hashirama, Konan, Kakashi, Gaara and Naruto. I LOVE Attack on Titan, watched all the available episodes of Deadman Wonderland and Pet Shop of Horrors (wanting to read the manga now), getting into Code Geass and Bleach, and I LOVE anime movies like Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. Getting into Black Lagoon, Black Butler, Hellsing, Mushishi and Soul Eater, and have a huge list of other animes and manga (a lot of them of horror nature since that's my true love) that I'm interested in watching/reading.

Also, I have a major love of crack pairings (even though I understand they have little to no chance of ever becoming canon, but that doesn't stop me from loving them!~). I can ship het, yuri, or yaoi depending on the artwork or fanfic depicting it (usually, I love more than just fanservice.. I like to be able to imagine a little bit of a backstory or have to already be a shipper of the 2 or more characters depicted). The only yaoi couple I SERIOUSLY and truly believe might at least be a onesided canon is HashiMada or MadaHashi (although, if it doesn't happen.. oh well. That's what fanart & fanfics are for!) I'm also into Happy Tree Friends (both the cartoon AND the fandom created anime version). I'm a HUGE fan of Vocaloid song and covers, and I love seeing the artwork and cosplay depicting the different Vocaloid mascots

I am VERY opinionated and can be outspoken when comfortable (more shy in unfamiliar settings, though). Always polite in professional settings (but I take to teasing my friends quite often; that's because they don't take it to heart, though. It's just common with me and some of my family to spew insults playfully at eachother. I don't do this to those who are too sensitive, though). I don't trust others easily, nor do I let people too close (which is why I have more acquaintances than friends). However, I am fiercely loyal towards those I care about and I consider myself a sympathetic and emphatic person at heart. I'm also very 'layered' when it comes to my personality, and different people bring out different parts of me. I can be very fun, hyper, and ridiculous, and yet a completely serious, philosophical, down-to-earth person. It all depends.


My best friend is my cat Taz who likes to ride on my shoulder most of the time. I either call him Taz, Tazzy-chan, Neko-chan, or Tazzy-dear (sometimes, I call him a pain in the a**). I also have a great internet friend named Kristi who happens to be my longest lasting friend. I also have my new amazing boyfriend who happens to also be a fellow writer on DA and my bestfriend: TheWritersRevenge (I call him Dickie XD But his name's Dan :nod: )

The End: Of My Sanity

I think that's it for now. If you enjoy great Naruto artwork, fanfics, beautiful landscapes and other epic artwork, epic cosplay, or really cool Alternative Modeling, you should definitely consider checking out my favorites for some incredibly epic artists, writers, cosplayers, models and photographers that need recognition for their awesome talents! (they're separated by folder to make it easier ;D )

I also hate to brag..but.. my stuff's not that bad either! XD

(also, lol I really was bored when I wrote all this! Who the f*k would actually read all this!? If you were one of those- :iconclappingplz:)

Feature Time Part 1

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 9:05 PM

'Ello there my lovelys!


I promised a major feature in about a week's time from the release of my poll in which asked you all to post your favorite DA artist.

Unfortunately, I only got one response  /:  That was such a shame..

But anyways!~  I figured I would, as a thank you for sharing other artists' names in hopes of getting them exposure, feature some of their artwork and yours for all to see!  (lol... not that a lot of people read my journals anyways  ^^; )

MikoYami is the watcher who was the only one to list some of the artists she felt needed some love~

And also-

My amazing talented cat by MikoYami

Your cat is adorable and CRAZY talented.  o.O  How did...  just how did it not get all knocked over!?  HOW?!

Artwork from those she suggested:

KiSsHyuugaHime :

New OC: Eqo by KiSsHyuugaHime

My goodness!!  What an adorable OC!  Very well designed, and I have to say, nice details.  <3

JustSher :
:: PCM :: Icon Set 2 - Read Info!! by JustSher:: PCM :: mikoyami 3/6 by JustSher :: PCM :: Icon Set 4 - Read info!! by JustSher

What can I say, I'm a sucker for adorable pixel art!

SythMog :

Etsylle - Animal Ears by SythMog

Lol, cow ears  XD  Actually though, they look adorable!

ShadowHachia  :

Walking with my mom! by ShadowHachia


Haruhiime :

Pre-Shippuden Tsukiko and Ryota by Haruhiime

The hair and expression on the girl on the left is adorable, and I REALLY love the color of the eyes, and the scar on the girl on the right.  It's such a piercing color, and her hair is cute as well <3

Oh!  And a quick shout-out to JessKo2000 !!  Still need to check out your gallery and your fanfics  lol  Seriously, this deviant is really cool and I get very happy whenever I see a comment from them on one of my deviations, journals, page, or whatever.  So thanks!  For just being awesome!

Now for MY favorites of all time! :

This is a part 1 of my feature, and hopefully I'll get to feature even more artwork tomorrow.

(warning, some content is for mature audiences, so viewer discretion advised)


TheWritersRevenge  My loving boyfriend, and a pretty epic author as well.  He joined DA writing fanfiction, but he was already in the process of writing a novel (in which he goes through the final revisions for whenever he gets a chance).  He is fun to rp with, he is also a funny guy with a loving personality and comes up with amazingly epic plots, characters, and is very descriptive when writing fighting scenes.

The prologue for Gateway   War.  It has come to the human race countless time for innumerable reasons. However, when we left our planet behind, we thought that we would also leave behind our primitive urge to fight for power and control.  We thought that the freedom of space would release our souls to greatness and adventure.  This was a foolish fantasy.
   In order to reach that ‘greatness’, human-kind developed Trans-Space Jump technology.  With this, we were able to cross vast expanses of space in a short amount of time, by using gravitational fields to produce a ‘slingshot’ effect— our ships efficiently locking onto a gravitational field and using that same field to accelerate our speeds to incredibly high velocities (a truly remarkable feat for anyone to achieve).  With it, we eventually discovered races separate from our own— the first of which was a lizard-like species who called themselves 'The Grall'.  
  (prologue to his original sci fi novel called Gateway)

Reworked opening for Samurai Fanfic     The darkness surrounds me, covering my eyes as it has filled my heart.  I hear the sounds of my comrades heavy breathing, mixing with the slight rattle of our chains.  We have been imprisoned for over three weeks... With barely enough food or water to keep us alive.  We have been waiting for our judgement, waiting for them to decide the best way to kill us.  Once, we were strong warriors, known across the land of iron for our countless battles against insurmountable odds.  To have us executed like common criminals would cause anger in the people, even after our transgression.
     We are samurai, the finest guardians of our land, warriors without equal among our own.  However, we decided to try to become more than what we once were.  We tried to learn the other ways to fight, to learn the new ways of our neighbor lands, but we were found out.  Now they call us 'traitors', 'wizards' and 'users of the forbidden ar
  (more recent fanfic concept of his)

Kabuto and Mr Artist A new toy
The light in Kabuto's lab flickered eerily as he moved towards a large computer panel set into the edge of the room. The damage that had been caused by the death of the creature was repaired, and the equipment was replaced. The computer's screen came to life, and it cast a pale glow on Kabuto's face. The light reflected off of his glasses, creating a strange effect upon his face. He quickly began typing on the keypad, working on equations and entering in commands. He continued this for several moments, and then he turned away from the computer as several more lights across the room activated. He walked over near them as they illuminated a long row of massive glass, liquid-filled tubes. They were well over a meter high, and each one contained a single, limp figure. Kabuto smiled as he pushed his glasses up and pressed one more key on a nearby pad. Lights inside each tube began glowing, revealing the figures for what they really were. They all had short black hair, long limbs, and wide m
   (How many of you know who Mr. Artist is?  Well, for those who don't know him, he is one of the web's most proficient Kabuto fanboys known on DA as Yakushi--KabutoYakushi--Kabuto  is also how I found Neko-kun in the first place.  By searching out Mr. Artist fanfics, I came across a series in TheWritersRevenge 's  gallery of Mr. Artist fanfics, but some of them even feature himself and they are all quite funny and well written.  Some more serious than others, but here's a short and cute one)

Kabuto and Mr Artist The end of the plan      Kabuto's face was buried in his arms, a half-empty bottle of sake lying nearby. The swinging lamp above him cast a depressing light on his silver hair. The sound of footsteps didn't even make him raise his head towards the doorway.
      "Ah...So this is where you went to." Orochimaru's voice intoned quietly, stepping into the room. Orochimaru glanced around the lab curiously, the large containment vials that had been set up against the wall were smashed, and glass shards were scattered across the floor. "Did something go wrong?"
      "Faegan..." Kabuto slurred almost incoherently, "Eating everything..."
      Orochimaru chuckled lightly, realization gleaming in his eyes, "Ah, so you attempted to clone the being of divine consumption...Informally known as Faegan. Tell me, what exactly were you going to do?"
      "DNA...Secondary S
   (and here again we get another amazing fanfic.  Also, a mention of Faegan, who happens to be my favorite OC of Yakushi--Kabuto 's , btw)

chromeantennae  A pretty nice guy who writes some amazing, diverse poetry and has a lovely collection of amazing writings.  Not to mention, he offers many features of his own for other poets and writers and he never steers his watchers in the wrong direction.  Those he suggests always have a high degree of talent themselves.

We don’t need validation to our existence,
Through the existence of another,
But we do want validation that they can hear us.
That our screams don’t fall on deaf ears,
Or winding hours, the immortal hymn
Sung by the cords of Father Time.
Our words stand to be justified,
Unlike the injustice
To that of falling towers.
Falling towards Earth,
Being shot down by insurgents,
My insurgence against my own well-being,
Mirrors their terror.
Because their desire is the same,
To leave you in shambles,
Soaked in fire and dead in flames.

four more liesfour more lies
nihilistic visions, envisage of nothing at all,
fuck, drink, smoke, repeat.
fuck, drink, smoke, repeat.
fuck, drink, smoke, repeat.
you break the monotony by speaking to me,
act like you care with words of encouragement,
pretend that your sugar-coated silver tongue
can envelop the letters your spew for your
cane that keeps you standing.
before your dying is done.
you believe in nothing but speak as though,
your virgin words still mean something.
virgin not as in being filled or experienced,
but acting as though nothing is being done
and we’re just stuck in... (fourth lie)
nihilistic visions, envisage of nothing at all,
fuck, drink, smoke, repeat.
fuck, drink, smoke, repeat.
fuck, drink, smoke, repeat.
every once in a while you say you feel okay,
like your flesh won’t break away,
and crawl to the nearest sewage system
because of the grain and grime
of sins committed.
or, at least they tell you it’s a transgression.
but who can see us?

air is tighter than the noose
we gild around our necks.
gold-frayed and studded, this
elaborate suicide is our pride
and guilty pleasure.
With ebony lace[d] whispers and
sorrowful sighs,
humanity is tender 
only to its pessimism, a lover
sweetly brutal
like petal-scented lips
kissing blood-red gloss and bruises
along our broken necks."
Blades of your hair lie
In front of your eyes,
As ghosts near the lid,
Your spirit losing its nexus
To the veins of your somatic.
You ask the phantoms
About Heaven’s axis,
To which they only reply,
“It is truly its definition.”
Invisible in this dimension,
Just as you were on the planet.

As that noose loosens,
You witness your socked toes
Pointed to the wood,
As you dangle
Three inches above the floor,
Your final win as your final wind,
Winds out in between your flatling lips.

Acumen (Hidden)Acumen (Hidden)
They say ridicule is the burden of genius,
An incredible mind left
With no one to collaborate with,
Is not only a ridiculed intellect
But isolated within their brilliance.
Because what is greatness
Without an audience?
It’s the same proverbial tree
That fell with no one around.
Who was he?
Did it make a sound?
Whether it’s quiet or silence,
When you look for it,
No man can find him.
Or it.
Disengaged with the world,
He yearns to uncover it.
Weeping in pillowcases,
Fingers grazing dust white envelopes,
At least that’s what they’ve become.
They were yellow when he first received them,
At least that’s how he recalls it.
Features lined with loneliness,
Eyelids heavy with a mix
Of self-hatred and depression,
He picks up the pencil and writes again.
Sending what’s written to a location,
That will forever be hidden.

UberChimerism  A very nice girl to talk to, she has amazing ideas and brilliant way of writing.  She is also very passionate about a less known fandom of Naruto which is called the pilot-verse fandom.  What the pilot-verse is, for those who know of Naruto but not what the Naruto pilot is, is basically the original version of Naruto that Kishimoto wrote before he made it into a large scale manga.  Kishimoto originally wrote Naruto with a COMPLETELY different story-line for a manga contest.  This the pilot chapter right here if anyone's interested:…

Lament of a Celestial MaidenSong: "Low of Solipsism" — Death Note Soundtrack
Kaguya Ōtsutsuki was a goddess. That was the undisputed truth. Had she not eaten the fruit of the God Tree for which she and her clan had waited for millennia? Had she not ascended to godhood and used her newfound power to quell the wars and silence any dissent?
How, then, could her raiment not fit her? Hagoromo, who had been woven of the holy threads of herself and Harafu, the Ten-Headed and –Tailed Beast of Mount Hōrai’s God Tree, was to be like his namesake and be her legacy, draping over the world and snuffing out the evils of these pathetic worms.
But no. He stained himself among such scum, showed them kindness and mercy. He even shared his God-given gift with them! She had tried, of course, tried to reopen his eyes to the mortals’ true nature, but to no avail.
“How can you tarnish yourself by walking among those pathetic worms?

N. Turning Over a New OneThe Land of Fire. The most prosperous, peaceful, and influential of the Five Great Shinobi Nations, according to the Chief. Known for its ironically arboreal landscape, it was a stark contrast to the arid and mountainous terrain of Mount Oinari, something that Naruto Uzumaki took note of as he rode through the vast forests, the vroom of his moped the only sound for miles around. After clearing the last woodland, the orange-clad tod brought his motorbike to a stop in front of the massive gate that easily dwarfed the Chief's tower. Raising his goggles, the blond kit took in the giant hiragana an for “hermitage” painted in red on the green wooden doors; crowning said doors was a silvery panel with a swirl engraved between two etchings of the kanji shinobi.
This was the place. Konohagakure. The Hidden Leaf Village. Despite being so far from home and the circumstances that led to his departure, he couldn’t help but smile at the poetic justice; what better nam

A Re-Imagining of the UchihaPhysical Characteristics
Like their canon counterparts, a majority of the Uchiha are black-haired and –eyed in their human forms, something that remains consistent in their Demon and Berserker forms. Being ravens, their Demon forms maintain the scruffy all-black plumage, complete with throat feathers.
Like most shinobi, the Uchiha are fluent in Japanese and English. But when they use the Sharingan, they can instantly learn, understand, and speak other languages from reading a foreigner's lips or handwriting, even something as foreign as Arabic or obscure as Latin. Also, they communicate with each other with sounds they mimic from their surroundings—clicks, beeps, rattling, chiming, etc.
Unlike most clans, there is no rhyme or reason to the names of Uchiha members. They're not named after body parts (like the Inuzuka), anything pertaining to the sun (like the Hyūga firstborn), gemstones (like the Anokudatsu), nor do their names have a set prefix (like the


Sarqq  She comes up with some AMAZING designs, and they're so diverse!  I love when she writes descriptions for her characters she develops, because her dolls to her are more than just dolls she paints and dresses, they have their own story-lines as well.

Come along by Sarqq

Dragon of Frost by Sarqq

Ballade of Puppets by Sarqq

Ghost Whispers by Sarqq

Ophelia plushie.. by Sarqq

Howl, seven days to the wolves by Sarqq

Rosary spring I by Sarqq

Battlefield by Sarqq

Treasures of Solamnia II by Sarqq

Your place or mine? by Sarqq

Bug Princess by Sarqq

Supernova by Sarqq

What are little girls made of.. by Sarqq


anndr  (aka one of my FAVORITE artists of all time..~  sorry if I hurt someone's feelings, but my goodness I just love this woman's art <3 )

She has an AMAZINGLY diverse gallery, and she also has designed some of my characters for me for commission, and I also paid her to draw Alternia  (for those who are Homestuck fans, you know what Alternia is).  She is even an author (although, her works are in Russian, not English, but if you can translate it, her writings are as amazing as her paintings)

Just for a taste of her gallery:

Moonlight Flower by anndr

Carnelian by anndr

Myar and Varamira by anndr

Autumn Knight by anndr

Who You Are by anndr

White Praying Mantis by anndr

vicious by anndr

Sing for me by anndr

Free Hugs by anndr

Light by anndr

Wanderer by anndr…   (not hosted on DA, but this was a commission she did for my OC Thorn when he shapeshifts into a child form)

RikaMello  She's such a nice girl, and a really nice person to talk to!  I really enjoy her artwork, and she shows some incredible promise to continue to get better and better.  She also is VERY diverse with the things she'll draw and paint and I highly recommend checking her out as well!

Rapunzel,Let down your hair for Ariel! by RikaMello
Amane Misa by RikaMello

Amane Misa by RikaMello

Mello, happy birthday by RikaMello

Terumi Mei by RikaMello

Sakura Haruno:happy birthday 2014! by RikaMello

Armin:What are you doing?I am a boy! by RikaMello

MichelVictor  Animation, can paint or add animation to other paintings, AND creates music of an epic scale?  Need I say more?

Kakashi Collab by MichelVictor

Welcome to Nowhere by MichelVictor

Gloom by MichelVictor

NellielTu   Amazing ability to convey deep emotions and stories within her artwork, this artist is highly recommended because of her attention to detail, her amazing backgrounds and her expressions on the characters who are also equally well drawn.  She has a unique story-book style of a dark and mysterious nature, and by-god she is amazing!  Go give her some love!  She is even working on her own story, which is pretty cool itself.

Mages by NellielTu

Monologisierend by NellielTu

Guardians by NellielTu

Amegakure no Sato by NellielTu

Gods by NellielTu
Winter nights by NellielTu

Snowfields by NellielTu

Found You by NellielTu

Trapped by NellielTuWe need more by NellielTu

Bloodmagic by NellielTu

Madness Network by NellielTu

Veld-Nova  Now for an artist who has a very diverse gallery, who is a master of horror and terrific concepts in general, Veld-Nova is an amazing artist all together.  She even did 2 amazing Homestuck fanarts for me for points, and I LOVED THEM!~

(mature content warning)

-Art is war- by Veld-Nova

-Betrayer- by Veld-Nova

-B-RED-II- by Veld-Nova

-S- by Veld-Nova

-Random-65- by Veld-Nova

-Dear Tree Man- by Veld-Nova

-I-D- by Veld-Nova

-V-D by Veld-Nova

-RED- by Veld-Nova

-Z- by Veld-Nova

Empire-Ant   Both friendly AND awesome, she has some incredible creativity when it comes to designing OC's, and she creates AMAZING back-stories for them that all fit within the universes the OC's come from without conflicting with the main plot of the canon story, and without making Mary-sues.  She even helped me design my OC's Amy and Jen in anime style, and because of her incredible patience with dealing with me, I'm going to this year be able to see my babies in realism.  Of course, I'll always remember and cherish the amazing way they look in anime-style as well.  She's just epic.  Go check her out  lol

Jar's Reference by Empire-Ant

Every Planet We Reach Is Dead by Empire-Ant
By Your Side by Empire-Ant
- Lions and Tigers - by Empire-Ant
- Who are you - by Empire-Ant

len-yan  Amazing concepts and incredible art skill, this is yet another of my highly recommended artists.

saturnus by len-yan

gold trimmed by len-yan

Awaken Destruction: Nathan Lewis by len-yan

Talion: ambush by len-yan

DanteCyberMan  Both a fanartist, and an artist who comes up with some epicscale designs for characters, this man is a highly recommended DA artist.

Famine - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by DanteCyberMan

sasori by DanteCyberMan

Rokubi (Saiken) by DanteCyberMan

Cashile   Dark, mysterious, and overly sexy characters, this talented artist even has an original comic that she hopes to write eventually.

Lightshard - 0 - Prologue by Cashile

Vampire by Cashile

Vris by Cashile

FadingCrow  Another amazing artist here on DA, and she keeps on getting better and better the more she paints!

  Can I go now? by FadingCrow  (adult version of my character Thorn that she painted for me)

The moth in the dark by FadingCrow  (my beloved OC Rogue that she did as a commission for me)

Losing myself by FadingCrow

When autumn leaves by FadingCrow

Blue and green by FadingCrow

Ray-kbys  Weird and awesome go so well together~

parasitic worm girl by Ray-kbys

How Loving Me Could Be So Bad? by Ray-kbys

Dear My Friend by Ray-kbys

jesterry  Amazing, just simple and purely amazing.  Her artwork is the embodiment of the emotions they represent, with beautiful color pallets and nice expressions.  She's also has a great personality and is very funny.  I also dub her the queen of crack shippings.

Kisame x Hinata - Out from the deep by jesterry

Dark Herald by jesterry

MadaMito - Holding on by jesterry

Mirror Mirror by jesterry

Who do you think you're kidding by jesterry

Icha-Icha Ambush by jesterry

Strange new feeling by jesterry

Mother Figure by jesterry

Ulquiorra finds a soulmate by jesterry

Naruto 627 - Friendship by jesterry

MadaHashi - Undividable by jesterry

Meanwhile in Hashirama's woods by jesterry

Big time sensuality by jesterry

Tobirama the Grumpy King by jesterry

Juneru   Just check out this artist and tell me that you aren't amazed and enthralled by this deviant's artwork..

Flarp Terezi - Homestuck by Juneru

Raiden - Speed Paint by Juneru

Espurr by Juneru

sinemoras  A DA artist AND AMAZING fanfic writer for a few different fandoms  (although, her fanfics can be found at:   And she is one of my FAVORITE fanfic writers.  She is just on an epic scale).  As for their artwork, it has an amazing sketchy style that is all her own, and it looks amazing.

Obito realistic by sinemoras

Obito black and white by sinemoras

Scene from ch 606, Obito holding Rin by sinemoras

Birdsong 01 by sinemoras
Scene from Birdsong, colored by sinemoras

Burning (obito) by sinemoras

NarutoPants  EPIC manga colorings in realism, and they draw their own fanart as well as having an over-all amazing gallery full of epic artworks.

Naruto 640 - Jubi's Jinchiriki by NarutoPants

Isobu and Yagura by NarutoPants

Second Coming by NarutoPants

Shukaku and Gaara by NarutoPants

Naruto 670 - The Floating Elder by NarutoPants


Alternian Invasion by Ursca

Tomb Raiding by Ursca

Terezi's Hive Wallpaper by Ursca

Showdown II by Ursca

ippylovesyou   Just so much awesome, such an amazing voice actor, artist, comic artist, just everything.  Yes.

Equius Zahhak and his Robo Pile by ippylovesyou

Capricious Queries: Tav Rap by ippylovesyou

Capricious Queries: Epiphanies by ippylovesyou
Capricious Queries: Eventualities by ippylovesyou

Capricious Queries: Lusus by ippylovesyou

Mochifin    Just amazing realism, amazing amazing amazing.

Mashiro, episode #285 by Mochifin

BARK by Mochifin

OBEY by Mochifin

prince of light by Mochifin

Shutara by Mochifin

RustyAlchemist  Another great artist on DA, although, I feel he deserves MUCH more attention.  Just look at his art!

Tainted Wings by RustyAlchemist

Regina VS Deadri and Bonk by RustyAlchemist

Black Rose - The Rust Foxes by RustyAlchemistHarveri the Wolf Seer by RustyAlchemist
Price of Living by RustyAlchemist

Alrighty then!  I spent quite a while gathering all these, however, this is not the end!  There will be at least 1 more journal I hope to complete tomorrow or in a few days filled with more art from great artists for your viewing and reading pleasure  (including some photographers that I admire here on DA).  Have a great night/day!

Background by Shimaira


IzzyMarrie has started a donation pool!
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Hello ^_^ I am hoping to gather points for commissions, I'll be quite honest.

Those who donate 10 - 99 points will receive a friendly feature in my journal highlighting a single work in their gallery that I believe is their best (but I will contact you personally asking whether you'd like to choose the work you want featured, otherwise, I will pick)

Those who donate 100 - 300 points will receive a llama AND a friendly feature of 5 of their greatest works (I will contact you personally asking whether you'd like to choose the work featured, or I will pick for you)

Those who donate 400 - 800 points will receive a llama, a feature of 10 of their greatest works (same thing as above, I contact you, tell me which works or else I'll choose), AND a free writing commission. Make sure to give me the fandom if a fanfic (it'll be a oneshot) along with the context and characters, or a poem (let me know the style if you want, but at least give me a subject to work with)

Those who donate 900+ will receive a feature with as many of their artworks they choose, a llama, and any 2 of my writings I'm offering (that'd be 2 oneshots or 2 poems, or 1 oneshot and 1 poem).

1000+ will receive feature with as many as their artworks they choose, a llama, 2 of my writings I'm offering PLUS a flashfiction. What's a flashfiction? Shorter than a short story, summed up within a chapter, it is an original oneshot and YOU will get to choose the subject matter and characters. (or you can substitute flashfiction with poem or fanfic oneshot).

Those who donate enough to receive writings will be contacted as soon as I notice you have donated (it's faster if you leave a note or comment- just be polite about it please). I WILL have the right to refuse a subject matter or fandom to write about if I am not comfortable. But I will allow you to change the idea, or I will give your points back.

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Defleshed-Martyr 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
In regards of your comment (I couldn't reply it because she blocked me):…

I've sent her a FAQ which explains how to add a mature tag…, but instead of saying "thank you" she overreacted and told me to "get out".

There are people who act rude to you no matter if you give them some advice in a polite way.
IzzyMarrie 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
The comment was for someone else because of the way they said it to her.  You stated it politely, they did not.  There's no reason for profanity, and quite honestly, I was annoyed that they found it acceptable to just comment on someone's devation and call them a dumbass.  And on the matter of whether or not someone will act rude towards you regardless, perhaps she was just tired of people demanding she post a filter she didn't think she needed?  I'm not defending her in any way, and honestly even I think it could use a filter, but that's none of my business.  I think she was rude to some of the commenters, HOWEVER.  That didn't give the person the right to stoop as low as to 'demanding' she make the change and insulting her the way they did.  Actually, me and that person talked through note  (they contacted me).  We in the end had our different views but agreed to disagree.
Defleshed-Martyr 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
The reason I've sent her the FAQ is because I was trying to help her from losing her account or getting suspended.

Once a guy lost his account for some days because he deleted the filter of his nude pictures which were reported for mature tag needed.
IzzyMarrie 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Well, it's over and done with now.  If she doesn't want to take advice of others, that's her business.  But I understand where you're coming from, but that other person that my comment was for on her devation page, they shouldn't have appeared out of no where and called her a dumbass and demand she make a change to her filter
TheFinalHikari 3 days ago   General Artist

Hello! :iconexcitedhiplz:


La la la la Welcome to :iconwriters--club:La la la la


We're glad to have you as a member and look forward to seeing your contributions! OMG MOAR POEMS!


We also hold a lot of contests with great prizes, so keep your eye out for them!


Additionally, we also hold monthly features for published authors. If you have published any of your writing in a manner in which it can be purchased online, please send a note to the group so we can arrange to feature you!


We also have a Critique Program for our members to submit to and receive detailed feedback on their work from our admin team. :D (Big Grin)

IzzyMarrie 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, thanks for welcoming me to the group!  ^_^  To be honest, The Writers Club sounded very interesting, and well, as a matter of fact, I do hope to publish my writings eventually  ^_^  And so I highly appreciate the possibility of one day being able to be featured somewhere.  Not to mention, I really love the Critique Program and will definitely take advantage of it some day.  I believe in constructive criticism because it's the best way to grow as a writer
LillianEvill Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the fav dear! :) (Smile)
IzzyMarrie Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome!~
LillianEvill Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the favs again and the watch! Much appreciate :) (Smile) Heart 
IzzyMarrie Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Aww you're welcome  ^_^
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