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(I'm just a tad bit eccentric XD)

(eheh... nom?)

(Salute your 'Major'!)

I'm mainly here to fave great artworks of my favorite fandoms and other things of interest and comment and give support to the many wonderful artists that can be found here on DA. If you'd like to chat, send me a note. I'm hardly one to consider 'unfriendly' unless you're ignorant of the concept of tact and common decency when such behavior should be displayed.

What I actually DO here on DA:

I am a hobby writer for the most part. I enjoy writing poetry and fanfiction, and I experiment with unique formatting. I sometimes will upload photos, although mainly it is writing, and sometimes I'll post voice acting or original mixes with dark sound effects.


I love King of Thorn, Angel's Egg, .Flow, Mogeko Castle, Homestuck (more-so, the fandom- since the comic's kinda 'meh' to me), Naruto (despite the stupid ending), Corpse Party, The Witch's House, Mad Father, Ib, Demonophobia, Deadman Wonderland, Serial Experiments Lain, Black Lagoon, Mushishi, Hellsing, SCP Containment Breach, Soul Eater, Bleach, Elfen Lied, Howl's Moving Caste, Spirited Away, The Last of Us, and several other video game and manga and/or animes. I am also a huge guro fan and horror fan in general, however, I don't care for something that's just completely gore (eh, usually)... I like to imagine a story and see some creativity with it. And as for liking guro, there's more of a particular kind I like and it's only for the appreciation of the horror aspect of the art (it's not a fetish of mine). I can't stand scat or things such as this, and most of the guro artworks I like rarely contain sex. Although there's several artists I like, manglo is a great example of what I like. I also am a huge horror vocaloid fan and one of my favorite utaites is Fukuwa.

Anyways, hope you enjoy your visit, and don't feel shy! Leave a comment! I'm actually a lot nicer than you'd think X'DD
It is rude to be late on updates after promising I'd release things soon.  I am coming across some complications in With(out) The Sun, ones that really make it hard to write.

:iconthewritersrevenge: and I worked very hard collaborating the current chapter.  I haven't had to work this closely with him before in this fanfic, and it all has to do with a specific scene that is where the majority of the chapter will take place.  It required a LOT of planning and reworking.  I have had to rewrite it a total of 4 times, and last night, me and :iconthewritersrevenge: worked over the phone for a few hours working out certain kinks.  I think this might be the last major re-write.  That's what I'm hoping, anyways.  I have the ending written since it was planned to be a different part of the chapter in an earlier version, and so it was really easy to tweak.  So after this difficult part, I will mainly need to worry about when Rui comes in and as of now, that's the least of my worries with this chapter.

I will give a little bit of info on this chapter for those who are curious without giving any major spoilers

(you can skip below if you're not interested, and you'll be treated to an awesome music feature):

You see, a major part of this chapter is showing Zetsu's versatility as a spy.  Now, that requires a LOT of planning and patience when writing.  Not every bit of a spy's job is exciting, and not to mention, Zetsu isn't exactly 'hidden' so to speak.  In this chapter, he's hiding in plain sight.  Now, with that said, every action he makes, whether or not it seems pointless, all goes together to show what an actual genius of a spy he is and how he can change techniques very easily.  It isn't as simple as just hiding within objects, and although that's incredibly useful, it goes a step further to step out in public and gather information using other techniques.  There are a lot of things planned in this chapter, and concerning pacing and having Zetsu do things that make sense for his character WHILE also controlling what information's readily available to Aloe and Inky respectively is a challenge.  I don't want to reveal too much or too little, and it has to tie together and not seem too complicated if an easier method is available.  Zetsu's not stupid;  Zetsu's a criminal who WILL go about the easiest path to reach set goals.

So, with all this said and done, when can you, the reader, expect an update on With(out) The Sun?  Hopefully soon.  I won't make promises however, so all I can ask is for you to be patient, but updates ARE coming. 

What about Sanguine Dolls of Beauty?  I am focusing more on With(out) The Sun than this, to be honest.  However, there are 3 poems/song lyrics that I tweak the formatting on from time to time to combat frustrations with my writer's block.  So they might be released soon depending on how fast I get to polishing the formatting.  But don't expect any updates from me until at least a couple of weeks.

Song Feature:



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Hello everyone! If you perhaps like my writings (or are just feeling generous lol), then please consider donating. Even 1 point is greatly appreciated. I hope to gather enough points to renew my premium membership that expires in 5 months.

If you want, I can give you a llama for a point, check out your gallery, but either way, I will personally thank each and every person who is generous enough to donate (no matter how small the donation). Thank you for reading this and for looking at my page! Have a nice day!

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I just read it right now and left a comment.  Great job!  It looks awesome!
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