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(I'm just a tad bit eccentric XD)

(eheh... nom?)

(Salute your 'Major'!)

I'm mainly here to fave great artworks of my favorite fandoms and other things of interest and comment and give support to the many wonderful artists that can be found here on DA. If you'd like to chat, send me a note. I'm hardly one to consider 'unfriendly' unless you're ignorant of the concept of tact and common decency when such behavior should be displayed.

What I actually DO here on DA:

I am a hobby writer who works on and off on a serious book series project with my co-author/boyfriend Dan (aka: TheWritersRevenge ). I am experimenting, currently, with the idea of writing commissions for points so if you're interested, please refer to my commission journal. I enjoy writing poetry, and when not working on my original stories, I love writing fanfiction as well.


I love Homestuck, Naruto, Deadman Wonderland, Serial Experiments Lain, Black Lagoon, Mushishi, SCP Containment Breach, Soul Eater, Bleach, Elfen Lied, The Last of Us, and several other video game and manga and/or animes. I am also a huge guro fan and horror fan in general, however, I don't care for something that's just completely gore... I like to imagine a story and see some creativity with it. And as for liking guro, there's more of a particular kind I like and it's only for the appreciation of the horror aspect of the art (it's not a fetish of mine). I can't stand scat or things such as this, and most of the guro artworks I like rarely contain sex. Although there's several artists I like, manglo is a great example of what I like. I also am a huge horror vocaloid fan.

Anyways, hope you enjoy your visit, and don't feel shy! Leave a comment! I'm actually a lot nicer than you'd think X'DD

Hello my dearies ^_^

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 27, 2014, 12:46 PM
Today in my country is the day of Thanksgiving, a day where we give thanks for what makes us happy, what we are glad to have.  We count our blessings, and we dread not on what we have not, but rather what we DO have.  I just wanted to wish everyone (whether you live in the U.S. and celebrate Thanksgiving, or live elsewhere and this is just another day) a great day.  

I especially wanted to give a shout out to a few special people on DA that have given me confidence, have been genuinely nice to me, and are an over-all delight to associate with and talk to from time to time:

:iconuberchimerism:  :iconempire-ant:  :iconrikamello: :iconfadingcrow: :iconthewritersrevenge: :iconfireeaglespirit: :iconroksiel: :iconjessko2000:   :icon1st-hashirama-senju:

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Hello ^_^ I am hoping to gather points for commissions, I'll be quite honest.

So if you just like my writings or perhaps like my collections in my favorite section, every point you donate is very well appreciated

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UberChimerism Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I am just in a musical mood tonight! I have just found another song perfect for Kags Bunny, especially in her Thread!self when "dealing" with her suitors :iconevilgrin2plz:
IzzyMarrie Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I love it!  To be honest, I always kinda liked this song, but really, I was more into the instrumental.  I like the way he sings it to a certain point, and he has a good voice, but I just would like to hear a better cover with an even bigger 'oomph' to the voice.  I don't know lol  But anyway, it DOES actually sound perfect for the all-mighty queen herself  :3
UberChimerism Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Kaguya: "Queen"? Don't you mean "goddess", little moth? >:3
IzzyMarrie Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
(Lol  oh my..)

Y-yes ma'am, I mean goddess.  -bows-  Please forgive my insolence.
(1 Reply)
UberChimerism Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I found the perfect song for both With(out) the Sun and Tapestry of the Feathered Robe ^^
IzzyMarrie Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Whoa Uber...  I haven't heard this song in so long, that I forgot all about it.  I listened to this with Dan and all I could think of when I was first listening to it was that it sounded familiar, and then I heard the singing, and yes.  Yes.  This is Kaguya, and thank you so much for linking me to this atmospheric masterpiece.
UberChimerism Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome ^^

Here's how I think these lyrics could apply to my version of Hagoromo:

:bulletred:"So, sleep in your only memory of me/My dearest mother" = Hagoromo sending Kaguya to the Moon

:bulletred: the Chorus could mean the same as the aforementioned lyric, as well as Kaguya striking the fatal blow to Hagoromo

:bulletred: "So many seeds have been sown in the field" = Hagoromo splitting Harafu into the Chakra Beasts OR how chakra pollenated after the Kodama's awakening

:bulletred: "Perhaps you're happy without me" = Hagoromo's thoughts on his makers' apparent apathy toward him after he runs away

And hey, these lyrics could definitely apply to your version of Zetsu with similar symbolism as well ^^
IzzyMarrie Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
(third part,  and also:   SPAM SPAM SPAM!!!)                                        

Bullet; Red I would have never felt sad at all                       
You will not hear me say I'm sorry                         
Where is the light                                                 
I wonder if it's weeping somewhere     

(First line could be White Zetsu, still referring to the idea of dying.
Second lines could be Black Zetsu, saying he has nothing to be sorry for.
Third and fourth lines are White Zetsu, wondering why he still hasn't
reached the light, if it hides away weeping somewhere.)

Bullet; Red Here's a lullaby to close your eyes (goodbye)
It was always you that I despised                          
I don't feel enough for you to cry (oh well)                  
Here's a lullaby to close your eyes (goodbye)

(There are so many harsh words one might say to someone, and 'goodbye' 
is a word that's just so final...  The first 4 lines could be Kaguya's, but the 
5th line could be White Zetsu's, and the 6th and final goodbye could be 
Black Zetsu's.  White Zetsu says goodbye to much more than life and it's
forever bittersweet.  Black Zetsu says goodbye to much more than his mother, to his only friend, and it cuts deeper than a blade ever could)
(1 Reply)
IzzyMarrie Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
(second part)

Bullet; Red So insignificant                                                 
Sleeping dormant deep inside of me                    
Are you hiding away lost                                     
Under the sewers                                                 
Maybe flying high in the clouds                  

(Black Zetsu, during his life, had indeed formed a bond with 
White Zetsu, and part of the reason he was so uncaring about
White Zetsu's death was a fallacy.  White Zetsu died, so therefore
abandoned him and was no longer useful for bringing Mother back.
Black Zetsu was alone for hundreds of years floating free-formed,
most of those years spent silently sabotaging the shinobi world.  His main
contact was when he was whispering sweet nothings and words
of hate and bitter despair to those he twisted into doing his bidding.
White Zetsu was the only other connection he ever made.  

So insignificant, sleeping dormant deep inside of me.
This could mean the emotion of bonding, love, caring.
Are you hiding away lost?
Him questioning whether such feelings could merely be dormant.
Under the sewers, maybe flying high in the clouds
Here he refers to different hiding places these emotions might be,
the disgusting depths of excrement, or up high in the clouds out of reach.
This could also be an allusion for his feelings towards White Zetsu, who
he thinks inferior and who died wastefully, and who often pondered so much
about existence that it made him somewhat admirable, yet so far from who
he is, therefore, out of reach)

Bullet; Red Perhaps you're happy without me                        
So many seeds have been sown in the field         
And who could sprout up so blessedly                  
If I had died              

(First two lines could be White Zetsu, referring to Black Zetsu. 
White Zetsu was very philosophical, and in my fanfic, despite
being terrified of dying, would have believed that Black Zetsu
could fare well without him.  He would have believed that 
Black Zetsu would find other interests, perhaps other people
to share his thoughts with.  Black Zetsu takes the last two lines,
referring darkly to the fact that if he had died, his mother would
have never been revived.)
IzzyMarrie Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I really love this song, and yes, those lyrics sound like they'd fit really well with your story, and honestly, I love it for mine as well (btw, had to split this up in three comments because DA thinks I'm spamming my own page X'D):

Bullet; Red You lie silent there before me                                            
Your tears may mean nothing to me now                      
The wind howling at the window                       
The Love you never gave                                   
I give to you

(Black Zetsu was obsessed with his mother, to the point where
even after her demise, he was convinced she would be back
Her tears when she cried for her true sons mean nothing to him,
at least now anyway.  She will be back, and the world will be born
anew.  The love she had for him, he understands, was superficial,
but he believed he was of use to her and he craved that affection.
He gave his entire existence to her.)

Bullet; Red Really don't deserve it                                  
But now there's nothing you can do
So sleep in your only memory of me
My dearest mother

(Lines split up in two halves.  First two lines are White Zetsu for 
Black Zetsu, in knowledge Kaguya deserves not one bit of the
devotion Black Zetsu has poured onto her.  Last two lines are
Black Zetsu for Kaguya)

Bullet; Red Here's a lullaby to close your eyes (goodbye)
It was always you that I despised                          
I don't feel enough for you to cry (oh well)
Here's a lullaby to close your eyes (goodbye)

(Kaguya's words to both Black and White Zetsu.  She feels, even
though unjustified, that Black Zetsu failed her and was the reason
for her being killed a second time.  She places this blame on 
White Zetsu, since in my fanfic, Black Zetsu wasn't intending on
being brought into White Zetsu's body by Madara, but took 
advantage of the situation.  Kaguya believes White Zetsu made
Black Zetsu stray from his goals, even though Black Zetsu was
vehement towards White Zetsu for dying in the first place.  Perhaps,
though, she may be right in that he was much more attached to his
temporary host than even he could realize.)
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